The Problem

  • "One in three Haitian women, ages 15 to 49, has experienced physical and/or sexual violence.  Moreover, poor legal protection, fear of reprisals and the social stigma attached to being a victim of sexual violence contributes to under-reporting. "
  • "Among girls, ages 13 to 17 who reported sexual abuse, school was the second most common place for unwanted touching.  Of women ages 18 to 24 who received money for sex before turning 18 years old, 27 percent reported that schools were the most common location to meet people paying for sex."
  • "Laws criminalizing rape and domestic violence were not enacted until 2005, the penal code has not been revised since 1835, and women and girls often face unequal legal protection.  Sexual harassment often occurs without redress and victims frequently find themselves blamed for rape and abuse."

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What We Are Doing

New Life has two branches that work to fight against sexual exploitation.



This branch includes house visits & brothel visits, a small task force team four weekly classes that any all women are invited to. It is through this branch that we encounter women, build relationships eventually give women the opportunity to meet Jesus & have a chance at a new life.


New life center

After two years of research and one year of on the ground research and relational development, New Life Center has begun their first program classes September 12th of 2016. This program includes sponsorship's, discipleship, the study of scripture, counseling, life skills, basic education & career development.


One of the toughest parts about giving women an option of leaving their past life, is the lack of opportunity for careers, education and dignified jobs. The value of a Haitian woman is far less than a male’s and due to that fact, most families invest in their male children rather than send their female children to schools The New Life Campaign is working to create a transition program that gives women the opportunity to choose a career that meets their giftings and works to find them job opportunities in the field of their choice. This program includes stipends that slowly decrease over the span of a year while each woman works to further their career and provide a sustainable income apart from exploitive businesses. It also includes counseling appointments and community groups to support these women in their transition and sponsorship opportunities to further their education. Along with these opportunities, The New Life Campaign has big plans for a cosmetology school and teaching salon as well as a sewing program and micro loan opportunities.