Our Story

The New Life Campaign began the first time our founder, Salem Hicks, crossed the threshold of a brothel in September of 2015. At the time she was an intern for a nearby NGO and her job was to lead teams into villages. This specific visit gave her the opportunity to feel the devastation of sexual exploitation in Haiti and offered a glimpse into the desperation women in Haiti feel. Eight months after this experience, Salem returned to explore what God would have her do concerning the hurting and exploited women of Haiti. It was three weeks into that trip that God made a way to rent a space that would become what is now our New Life Center for Women. NLC has now grown into a residential program that gives women an opportunity to recover and rest from past trauma and allows them to be introduced to Jesus Christ, our healer. We offer not only weekly stipends, bible classes, counseling, art therapy, life skills, parenting & career development classes, but we offer women a place to create a community and family of people to support them and encourage them through their healing process.

What We Do

New Life Campaign is an organization that works with broken, abused & sexually exploited women in Haiti. The vision of this ministry is to see women healed & free from their past life- for them to be made NEW from the inside out, through the fierce & unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

“These women actually come to hear about Jesus, they don’t just come to for what we have to give them. They really do want to know who Jesus is - there is hope there. So, we started this thing called New Life Campaign...”



Our Mission

To give women the hope of Jesus and for them to be restored and made whole through the renewing and healing of their minds and heart. We believe that with Jesus, freedom, healing, and NEW life is possible.

The most beautiful thing about our New Life on the ground staff, is that the work began because of passion. Each staff member believed they were called to their specific role. So much so, that each has volunteered for at least a full year. Each one sacrificed greatly & faithfully served simply because God laid it on their hearts. 

Salem Hicks
CEO | Founder of New Life Campaign | Director of Job Creation

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Pastor Eugene Gabriel
Director of Education + Haitian Church Partnership

Madam Gabriel
Program Director | Life Skills + Bible Teacher


Madam Francia
Mental Health Specialist

Madam Manita
Director of Outreach Programs | Women's Ministry Teacher | Task Force Leader

Task Force Leader



Head of Maintenance


Our Sponsors

We are so incredibly thankful for all of those who donate and continue to support our ministry. We could not do it without you!

The New Life Campaign has many needs + we know that we as a team can not do this alone. This is an invitation to be a part of something that will make an eternal impact and will affect more than just the one woman that leaves her current circumstance. Whether it’s praying, hosting a fundraiser, sending a team or donating your resources ... YOU TOO can join the cause to encourage, restore, + empower women in Haiti.



Acts of generosity change lives. You have the opportunity to personally invest into the ministry of New Life Campaign. Will you dare to give into something bigger than yourself?


Team Opportunities

We love having teams come visit us at our base in Haiti. There are many opportunities for you to use your skills, time, and talent to create world change for the women that we work with. Go ahead and apply - it just might change lives. 

Host a fundraiser

Would you like to host a fundraiser night for New Life Campaign? You can do this wherever you are! Let us know how we can help.

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