• "One in three Haitian women, ages 15 to 49, has experienced physical and/or sexual violence. Moreover, poor legal protection, fear of reprisals and the social stigma attached to being a victim of sexual violence contributes to under-reporting. "

  • "Among girls, ages 13 to 17 who reported sexual abuse, school was the second most common place for unwanted touching. Of women ages 18 to 24 who received money for sex before turning 18 years old, 27 percent reported that schools were the most common location to meet people paying for sex."

  • "Laws criminalizing rape and domestic violence were not enacted until 2005, the penal code has not been revised since 1835, and women and girls often face unequal legal protection. Sexual harassment often occurs without redress and victims frequently find themselves blamed for rape and abuse."

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Mission of Hope and New Life Campaign have partnered together to create the Women’s Empowerment initiative. We can accomplish more together than we can alone. By joining together, we can help the women in Haiti recognize that they have hope, strength, and power in Christ. Women’s Empowerment consists of three main areas: outreach, residency program, and prison ministry.

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This branch includes house and brothel visits, an outreach team, and weekly classes open to any and all women. Through the outreach branch, we are able to build relationships with women that lead to providing them with the opportunity to meet Jesus and have a chance at a new life. Outreach includes discipleship, mental health, life skills, career development, and celebrate recovery.

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The New Life Center, our residency program, started in September of 2016, after years of research and on-the-ground relational development. Through the residency program, we provide a one year program to help these women escape exploitive or abusive situations, experience holistic life transformation, and know the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

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The only women’s prison in Haiti is located next door to Mission of Hope’s Titanyen campus. We see this as a God-given opportunity and are creating a program that will give hope and healing to the incarcerated women and provide help as they transition back into their communities and begin meaningful careers.


Help transform the lives of women in Haiti by becoming a Women’s Advocate so that every woman can be empowered to change her story from brokenness to restoration and from shame to redemption, through Jesus Christ.